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Centrale Nantes

Centrale Nantes

Centrale Nantes, a member of Groupe des Ecoles Centrales, was founded in 1919 and is in the Top 4 of French higher education and research institutions in Science & Engineering. Its purpose is to develop top level scientists and engineers in multidisciplinary and specific fields. Thanks to its collaboration with economic bodies, global companies and other networks, Centrale Nantes was one of the very first schools to combine three activities within its structure: Education, Research and Industrial Studies.



BBA-Big data&Management – Foundation Master Program: Mechanics&Environment,Signal,Control&Robotics –  Master in Advanced Manufacturing – Master in computational Mechanics –  Master in Energetics&Propulsion; Master in Advanced Composite engineering&Science – Master in Hydrodynamics for Ocean Engineering; Master in Atlantic Master on ship operation&Naval Engineering;Master in Signal&Image processing –  Master in Advanced Robotics –  Master in Embedded Real Time Systems –  Master in Control systems; Master in Civil Engineering – Master in Atmosphere,water&Environment; Master in Architecture, Ambiances, Urbanity –  Master in Agile Factory Management; Master in Smart&Connected Enterprise –  Fast-track Engineering program –  5 Erasmus Mundus Programs: Electric Vehicle Propulsion&Control, Japan-Europe Master on Advanced Robotics,European Master in Dynamics of Renewables-based Power Systems,Advanced Design of Ships and Offshore Structures, Master in Renewable Energy in the Marine Environment

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