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EDHEC Business school

EDHEC Business school

Based in Lille, Nice, Paris, London and Singapore, and counting +110 nationalities on its campuses and partnerships with 290 leading universities around the world, EDHEC is a fully international business school directly connected to the business world. EDHEC’s 50,000 alumni over 130 countries represent a community of engaged leaders, trained to act practically and deliver solutions to the main economic, social, technological and environmental challenges facing the world. The School has developed a unique model founded on research of real practical use to society, companies and students. EDHEC is a centre of excellence, innovation, experience and diversity, focused on impacting future generations in a fast-transforming world. EDHEC in figures: – 8,600 students in academic education, 170 professors and researchers, 11 research centres – 5 campuses – a comprehensive portfolio of 18 Master programmes 3 Master in Management, 14 Masters of Science (MSc), 1 MSc & Global MBA (dual degree)

Courses in English

  • Master in Management – Finance
  • Master in Management – Business Management
  • Master in Management – Global Economic Transformation & Technology
  • MSc in Marketing Management
  • MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • MSc in Strategy, Organisation & Consulting
  • MSc in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • MSc in Global & Sustainable Business
  • LL.M. in Law & Tax Management
  • MSc in Creative Business and Social Innovation
  • MSc in Management & Leadership
  • MSc in Marketing Analytics
  • MSc in Climate Change & Sustainable Finance
  • MSc in International Finance
  • MSc in Corporate Finance & Banking
  • MSc in Financial Engineering
  • MSc in Accounting & Finance ; MSc & Global MBA programme
EDHEC Business school

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