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EM Normandie

EM Normandie

A French Business School with an international reach – EM Normandie is a Business School founded in 1871 and now located both in France and abroad. Our 5,800 students are hosted on 5 campuses in Caen, Le Havre, Paris, Oxford and Dublin; soon, a new campus will open in Dubai. Right from the start, our Business School set up innovative learning and teaching methods. Our initiatives have been rewarded by prestigious accreditation bodies (AACSB, EQUIS) positioning us among the best European Business Schools. EM Normandie offers a full range of excellence programmes through Masters Degrees in Management, specialised Masters or a Bachelor’s programme in International Management.


Bachelor in International Management – 3 yr program (Le Havre Campus) • Bachelor of Business Administration – 4 yr program (Paris, Oxford, Dubai) • Master in Management – 2 yr program (1st yr – Le Havre, 2nd year based on specialisation) • MSc program 2 yr track (based on eligibility – Yr1 – Le Havre, Yr2 – based on MSc chosen) • MSc International Marketing and Business Development (Caen) • MSc International Events Management (Paris) • MSc International Logistics and Port Management (Le Havre) • MSc Supply Chain Management (Le Havre) • MSc Banking, Finance and FinTech (Oxford) • MSc Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy (Paris) • MSc Marketing and Digital in Luxury and Lifestyle (Paris) • MSc Financial Data Management (Paris) • MSc Digital Strategy and Innovation (Paris) • MSc Sustainable Business Strategy (Paris & Dublin) • MSc Digital Marketing and Sales (Dublin)

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